No more Ramen for this college student! #Adulting

By Nishann Miller, Sr. CSU Agricultural Business Student

adulting-nishan_400x400#Adulting is the social media hashtag used primarily by younger generations to talk about their ability to complete adult-like tasks, often for the first time ever. Things from doing laundry or making a healthy meal to paying a mortgage or rent. I like to think our exposure to #adult tasks are predetermined by our upbringing and encouragement to think for ourselves and take care of ourselves. And that #adulting begins with taking care of you first—beginning with your physical body.

In Denver, growing up between Federal and Sheridan off of 10th Street wasn’t so bad. Then we moved to a suburb and lived a more limited lifestyle than we did at our first home. There were a number of times we couldn’t pay for electricity or heat and would have to go to a family member’s home just so we could take a warm shower. We ate a lot of carbs and cereals and most every meal was served with at least one veggie, mama was good about that.  Eating healthy food was not always easy on my family’s small budget. In addition to food banks, church assistance, and family members, mama would go gleaning, and occasionally take my sister and me, out to local farming cooperatives. If we spent the day gleaning, we would receive a fresh food gift at the end of the day.

I was on free and reduced lunch until I graduated high school. I ate what was placed in front of me and looking back, I didn’t really ever make a choice about the foods I ate. My parents took good care of my sister and me and always worked their hardest to provide. (I love you Mama Bear and Papa Bear!) We were never without food, water, or shelter.

adulting-blog_2_400x400After graduating high school you’re placed into the “real world” to begin #adulting—exposed to new things, facing your insecurities and making sense of the world. I faced many insecurities and many of them stemmed from how I viewed myself. We are human, we do look in the mirror—and I can tell you that I was not pleased with what I saw. I took a leap of faith, put myself outside my comfort zone and applied for a beauty pageant—I got selected to compete. I was excited but so nervous. Long story short, I overcame many insecurities and decided to take hold of my health with diet and exercise. This helped me mentally in school (as prior, I applied three times before being accepted to my college of choice), and in gathering energy to work, manage my finances, and begin a completely new lifestyle.

Taking care of my body helped me #adult.

Today, I am studying agricultural business, analyzing farmer/rancher production with the goal of helping to sustainably feed an overwhelmingly increasing population, not just in terms of the number of calories eaten, but by diversifying diets with fresher, healthier foods—and in a wallet-friendly manner.

We have so much opportunity and potential in front of us. Let’s become future leaders by #adulting—starting with choosing how we treat our own bodies first. If we first take care of ourselves well, imagine the number of lives we could change. We could inspire change in our families, friends, and our communities.

Join me and other future healthy lifestyle leaders, let’s begin #adulting—#livewellCOadulting.



Nishann Miller

Denver, CO

Sr. CSU Agricultural Business Student; emphasis Equine Science

College of Agricultural Sciences Ambassador; Secretary

Recruitment Committee member


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