Easy Health-Minded Holiday Gifts

My husband and I have been making homemade holiday gifts for more than 10 years, and my two daughters, ages 8 and 4, have joined along the way. Every year, there’s always something that catches our eye as a unique and fun way to express our love to friends and family. Last year we made nail monogrammed wood plaques and maple walnuts. Our first year was Kahlua and there’s always a bag of our homemade granola. This year we’re leaning towards simmering potpourri, flavored butter, taco seasoning or some homemade spa products.

Originally, we gave homemade gifts as a frugal way to be able to give to everyone in our friends and family circle. However, as years have passed, it has become less about saving money and more about giving our hearts, spreading wholesomeness and expressing creativity.

There are so many different kinds of homemade gifts that inspire a healthy, happy lifestyle, especially since Pinterest has opened up a whole new world for many of us. Here are a few different categories to consider, as well as some specific ideas:


I love to give healthy snacks and treats to the service workers in our lives. They get so overwhelmed with candy and sweets that their eyes light up when it’s something different and healthy. My absolute favorite gift to give is my homemade granola. It’s healthy, it can provide a meal or snack during the busy holidays, it’s easy to package and it’s cost effective.

Tip: With all the allergies and food sensitivities, it’s best to write all ingredients on the label.

Spa products

Homemade spa products are so easy to make, and many women love to receive indulgences like sugar scrubs, bath bombs or lip balms. Here’s a super easy scrub for the holidays that the elementary students in my after school cooking class will be making in their last homemade holidays class.

Tip: Make sure to use therapeutic grade essential oils.

Natural alternatives

Natural cleaning products, home scents and antibacterial gels are a great way to get toxins out of your daily life. If you know someone who is interested in detoxing their home, a basket full of natural alternatives like this simmering potpourri or even a book about making your own products is the perfect way to let them know you support their initiatives.

Tip: Include some empty spray bottles to put their handmade products in.

Fitness gift cards

Giving the gift of health doesn’t have to be homemade. It just takes a little creative thought. One year, I gave my husband a gift card to a yoga studio. He had mentioned several times that he wouldn’t mind trying it,so I got him a gift card to see if he liked it. He loved it! There are all kinds of fitness studios, exercise classes and fitness clubs out there that offer gift cards.

Tip: Make sure the person you’re buying for is really interested. This is not an appropriate gift for someone you’re trying to “convince”.


Around the holidays, putting a decent meal on the table becomes difficult with all the extra to-do that need to be checked off our lists. A basket or cute bag full of ingredients for a meal with the recipe included is a simple way to support a friend with family visiting from out of town. Make the meal extra special with gourmet or homemade touches, and a kitchen utensil. If it’s a pasta meal, include a loaf of homemade bread or fresh gourmet pasta. Or provide a simple salad with homemade dressing and high quality parmesan with a zester.

Get creative, put some thought into it and stay true to your soul. No matter what the homemade item you and your family choose to give this year, it’s sure to be accepted with a whole heart and healthy smile.

Robyn grew up among the cows and cornfields in Wisconsin and now she laughs and loves amongst the Colorado pines and mountains. Her true loves: the hubs, two daughters and Rufus, the black lab pup inspire her every day to move, stretch, climb, cook, relax and search. Learn more about her at Baby Kale Health Coaching.


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