Fuel Successful Learning | Give to LiveWell’s School Food Initiative

Dear LiveWell Supporter,

Colorado children spend half their waking hours and consume up to 50 percent of their calories at school. For low-income students, the percentage is even higher. That’s why our School Food Initiative works to ensure Colorado kids get great tasting, nutritious meals in school. We are so proud to partner with amazing professionals like Dan Sharp in Mesa County School District who is changing the face of school food in his community. As Dan says, “We fuel successful learning,” but we can’t do it alone:

Thank you for taking an interest and making an impact on the health of Colorado kids. Please consider contributing to this critical cause by donating to the School Food Initiative. Whether your budget allows you to give generously today, or through a monthly gift of $10 or more, your contribution will go a long way toward getting healthy food to kids from low-income families in schools across the state.


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