HEAL Cities & Towns Campaign: Creating a Culture of Wellness in Municipal Worksites

Technical Assistance Application Guidelines

June 2018


Due Date: Tuesday, July 3, 5:00 p.m.

Timeline (some dates subject to change):

RFP Awarded: Friday, July 13, 2018

Technical Assistance Initiated: July 2018

Technical Assistance Completed: No later than October 31, 2018


Submission Instructions: Email all required documents to Julie George, HEAL Cities & Towns Director, at juliegeorge@livewellcolorado.org.

1. General Information

Workplace policies and strategies are an essential tool to building interest in healthy living. As municipal workers embrace workplace policy changes that increase access to healthy food and physical activity, the workplace culture begins to change, making the healthy choice the common and expected choice. Further, this culture change is in turn adopted by many employees in their own homes and becomes an expectation in other aspects of their lives, for example, for their children while they are at school. Building healthy living advocates through changing the culture in the workplace serves to strengthen our work to increase access to healthy living in communities throughout the state.

2. RFP Goals

Through this RFP, the Campaign hopes to assist municipalities in advancing their healthy workplace policy goals.

Technical assistance is available to:

  • Provide general guidance and resource recommendations for how to implement a wellness program while being a good steward of taxpayer dollars.
  • Provide insight into what peers are doing in the areas of worksite wellness and share resources, templates, and best practices.
  • Create a formal Worksite Wellness Committee.
  • Conduct a baseline assessment (i.e. health interest survey and culture audit) to identify the needs and interests in your organization, along with results, rationale, and recommendations for next steps.
  • Create a vision, mission, and goals for worksite wellness.
  • Provide a framework for how to implement a comprehensive wellness program at your worksite.
  • Create formal documentation (i.e. charter/guiding document, operating plan, program overview, etc.) to correspond with a new or existing comprehensive wellness program.
  • Create a policy to support healthy food access and physical activity options during the work day.
  • Assist with carrying out an area of the wellness program and/or aspect of a wellness policy.
  • Other, if pertaining to the advancement of healthy workplace policy goals.

3. Grant Requirements

A.    Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must be HEAL Cities & Towns Campaign participants. Preference will be given to municipalities with poverty levels over 12.5 percent.

Applicants must demonstrate the staffing capacity to work with our consultant to collect relevant data and communicate with various city departments.

B.    Required Activities

Each participating municipality will need to:

  • Designate at least one primary contact who will work and communicate with the consultant via phone and email.
  • Allow the primary contact to work with the consultant 1-2 hours per month for the first three months in order to establish an action plan/goals for starting or advancing a culture of wellness.
  • Allow the primary contact to dedicate 1-2 hours per month thereafter to help carry out the action plan/goals and communicate with the consultants as needed.
  • Fulfill at least one goal on the action plan and communicate progress and outcomes as requested by the consultant and/or HEAL.
  • Provide LiveWell Colorado content for communications such as photos, newsletters, press releases, etc. In addition, copies of adopted policies for inclusion in LiveWell’s HEAL library.

4.  Application Guidelines

A.    Required Documentation

  • One-page proposal outlining the type(s) of healthy workplace technical assistance the municipality is most interested in and why. Proposal to be signed by the town/city administrator.
  • List of all staff that would be involved, including titles, roles and responsibilities, and potential contributions to this project.
  • Indication of the amount of time per month available to dedicate to this project.

B.    Selection Criteria

Participants will be selected based on:

  • Documented capacity of at least one local staff to serve as a primary contact for the consultant and assistance in accessing local data.
  • Interest of municipal leadership, including but not limited to city/town council member(s), administration and local stakeholders.
  • Impact on the health of city/town employees and sustainability of efforts.

After the review process, LiveWell Colorado will determine how many municipalities will receive technical assistance and the number of hours allocated based on the scope of work desired.

C.    Timeline

RFP Awarded: Friday, July 13, 2018

Technical Assistance Initiated: July 2018

Technical Assistance Completed: No later than October 31, 2018

 5. Questions

For any questions or clarifications about this RFP or to discuss any additional needs or ideas you might have about the assessment process, please contact Julie George, HEAL Cities & Towns Director, at juliegeorge@livewellcolorado.org.

6. About LiveWell Colorado

Throughout LiveWell’s 10-year history, the organization has evolved from being one that promotes healthy behaviors and environments through community grantmaking and coordinated marketing campaigns to one that specifically focuses policies, programs, promotions, and partnerships on removing barriers to healthy eating and active living for low-income communities and people of color in Colorado.

7. About the Consultants 

Well Simplified LLC has provided healthy workplace technical assistance to municipalities in the HEAL Cities & Towns Campaign since 2014. Now a two-person consulting team, Liz DeJongh and Ginny Clark have over 20 years of combined experience in corporate wellness.

Elizabeth De Jongh, MS, CHWC, Founder of Well Simplified

Liz founded Well Simplified in 2014; her mission was to help organizations and people end their struggles with weight and be happier, healthier, and more productive. A wellcoaches® certified health and wellness coach, Liz has spent over 10 years immersed in one-on-one, corporate, and population health management efforts.  She designed award-winning wellness programs, helped monitor a self-insured medical insurance plan and onsite clinic, and enjoys working alongside her sister Ginny to bring genuine health solutions, such as their signature Mind.Set.Goal!™ program, to organizations and people who need it most.

Virginia Clark, MS, RD, VP of Well Simplified

A Registered Dietitian, Ginny has spent more than a decade leading an obesity prevention effort in Fort Collins, Colorado, where she received over $2 million in grant money, helped form a network of over 350 citizens, facilitated annual workshops, and led a community-wide initiative that made significant impacts in the areas of school wellness, community wellness, and corporate wellness. In 2016, she teamed with her sister Liz to make Mind.Set.Goal!™ into the exact solution that people and businesses were seeking and has helped keep Well Simplified true to its name.

“I am so appreciative of Liz and her helpful guidance in implementing a Wellness Program for the Town of Bennett.  It was so easy to implement using her instructive tools, i.e. employee health survey, wellness program charter, wellness guide & operating plan to coordinate events, and a campaign.  All of these easy options helped me with what I thought would be an intimidating process; but utilizing them made it very simple.”  -Corren Lind, Administrative Services Assistant, Town of Bennett, Colorado

“Thank you for all of Liz’s help; she was amazing to work with!” -Dezire Sanchez, Accountant, Town of Timnath

“Liz helped provide us with a solid grounding to move forward, which I very much appreciate.”

-Karen Berchtold, Planner, Manitou Springs

 “It has been a pleasure working with Liz. She’s truly been an asset to the developed wellness program.” -Jessica Weatherly, Former Wellness Coordinator, City & County of Denver

8. Reserves

LiveWell Colorado reserves the right to:

  • Accept or reject any and all proposals.
  • Negotiate a final work plan for the proposal that, in its opinion, best reflects the process and outcomes that it deems appropriate.
  • Withdraw the work with no award.



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