Meet our Double Up Food Bucks Farmers: Featuring Ahavah Farm!

Ahavah Farm

Ahavah FarmHow would you describe your Community Supported Agriculture Program (CSA)?  We are 100% CSA only, and we offer a very unique experience.  From loads of free classes, events and tours to our local artisan cooperative (we get bread, jams, grains, coffee, meats, skin care products and more from local artisans) to our multiple sizing options and finally the choice to customize your CSA with our open-market option or a traditional (prebagged) option – our CSA is unique and tailored to bring you more variety, more choice and more value.  We center our farm around community, and our “COMMUNITY” supported agriculture program truly is just that!  We are a larger CSA, serving Denver and Colorado Springs (>300 members in total), but we are very personal and know almost all of our members and call them friends.

How can someone sign up for a share?  Send us an e-mail at

What is your favorite thing about farming? That’s a great question, and a hard one to answer! We love everything about farming.  The working in the soil, the ability to be home and work alongside my children and to teach them throughout the day. We love working with the team, being outside and working in the dirt, making a difference with teaching and building community through all our events.  We love the community interaction and the joy that we get from seeing the members each and every week.  We love that we can make a difference and donate thousands and thousands of pounds of food to people in need every year!  There is so much more…but really, what isn’t there to absolutely love!?

What would you want a Double Up shopper to know about your weekly share?  It’s literally the purest produce you can find on the front range, or anywhere really.  Absolutely ZERO chemicals or synthetics, all our crops are heirloom, hand-crafted and tractor free.  We practice biological agriculture – the purest form of agriculture for both our health and the health of our planet.  You can taste, see and feel the difference of our vegetables.

What is your favorite fruit or vegetable and how do you cook it? This is a really difficult question!  We seriously love them all.  The microgreens, tomatoes and pumpkins are probably our top favorites.  We love the pumpkin pies, using the microgreens as a topper to everything (almost literally), and the tomatoes? Oh man, there is NOTHING like a fresh, heirloom, vine-ripened tomato!  Yosef’s favorite way to eat them?  Like an apple!


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