More Chain Hotels Offering Healthy Breakfast?

More Chain Hotels Offering Healthy Breakfast?

As the technical assistance coordinator for LiveWell Colorado's 24 communities, I travel around the state to visit each of them every year. For the community visits in our rural communities, that means staying in a motel for at least one night.

While I have always enjoyed these visits, traveling can always be somewhat of a challenge as I try to maintain my healthy diet. Often I tuck away a package of oatmeal knowing that as long as I can find a cup of hot water, I can have a healthy breakfast or snack. Thankfully, many hotels have small packets of peanut butter that I add to my oatmeal for a protein boost.

I recently traveled to Fort Collins for my 10-year-old daughter’s soccer tournament. Because of the early games, the team stayed overnight on both Friday and Saturday nights. I often stay at Holiday Inn Express when visiting our LiveWell communities so I booked a block of rooms for the soccer team. They have a small workout room which I can use when the weather isn’t nice enough for a morning run and their free breakfast helps to keep my travel expenses low. I figured this would be a great option for the soccer team.

When I got to the hotel, I was intrigued by a sign advertising new healthy options for their complimentary breakfast. I learned that the hotel chain is piloting this new breakfast menu at the Fort Collins location. I was thrilled to see organic yogurt, Special K cereal, a variety of fresh fruit, small breakfast muffins, and hard boiled eggs.

Too often I’ve seen sugary cereal, white bread, sausage, buttery biscuits and sweet breakfast treats as the only options. I was at the hotel with a number of families from the soccer team and everyone was really happy with the selection.

I hope that other chain hotels that offer complimentary breakfast and snacks take note of this breakfast pilot program. I will continue to choose this hotel now that they offer healthy items. 

Do you specifically seek out hotels that offer healthy options for you and your family?

Leslie Levine is the technical assistance coordinator for LiveWell Colorado and a LiveWell Mom.


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