The Issue

Food Inequities

The US food system is highly efficient at distributing mass amounts of food, but is not designed to and does not maximize nor prioritize production, movement, and access to nutritionally-dense foods, particularly to historically and currently marginalized communities. 

Inequities in access to nutritious foods are tied to every step in the food supply chain.  The challenge is that food, and the people involved in growing and moving it, are not actually valued for their contributions and benefits in every step in that chain. As a system, we have not yet shifted the food supply chain to a true food value chain.

Primary challenges that our work aims to address include:


Compromised Nutrition

Economic insecurity and limited individual purchasing power leads to compromising on nutritious food.


Poor Food Environments

Community food environments promote less nutritious, highly processed food.


Food System Imbalance

Imbalance in the food system resulting from federal supports for certain commodities.



Food system consolidation and lengthy supply chains create a disconnect between people and their food.

Our Solutions

We work to make nutritious food access the norm in Colorado. We partner with organizations and individuals from farmers to consumers to channel resources, scale innovative solutions, shift markets, and advance equitable systems. We accomplish this by identifying and pursuing strategic goals with multiple impacts to increase the depth and breadth of systemic change within our food system.

Healthy Food System Policy

Transforming the Food System

We channel state and federal resources to communities while helping connect community voice and power to inform state and federal policy.

Healthy Food in Institutions

Strengthening Nutritious Food Environments

We partner with entities that feed our kids in schools and help make our food system more resilient – from growers, to food retailers, to school districts, we leverage schools’ significant purchasing power to feed nourishing food to kids that have been systemically underserved.

Healthy Food Incentives

Increasing Financial Resources for Nutritious Food

We partner with food retailers and growers throughout the state to help individuals experiencing economic insecurity increase their purchasing power to get fruits and vegetables while supporting Colorado growers to increase resilience of our food system.

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