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Nourish Colorado advances a comprehensive policy agenda that supports the transformation of our food system into one that is sustainable, equitable, and health-promoting where access to nutritious food is the norm. Our policy agenda is informed by partners across Colorado, including community coalitions, program partners, local, state and national organizations, and other policy experts. Nourish Colorado is a proud member of NSAC, COFSAC, and CFVGA.

|| State Policy Initiatives ||

Healthy Food Incentive Fund

Food systems and food access enjoyed a remarkably successful legislative session. First, as you all know from reading our previous blogs, the $300,000 increase in the Healthy Food Incentive Fund was added to the budget bringing the fund total to $500,000. We are already hard at work dispersing those funds through our Double Up Food Bucks and WIC and Seniors Produce Box programs. We also supported Hunger Free Colorado’s successful effort, which ran to almost the last minute, to get $5 million of the federal pandemic relief funding into the Food Pantry Assistance Grant program to ensure more people who need it will have access to food as we begin the recovery from the pandemic.  

Check out our newsletter for our monthly state policy updates.

Food Bill Action Team (FBAT)

The Food Bill Action Team (FBAT – “FUH-BAT”) is an advocacy and engagement group convened by Nourish to provide introductory policy trainings, mobilize community action, share food policy content or updates from Nourish and statewide partners, and build relationships with Colorado’s federal legislative delegation. FBAT was originally launched as the Farm Bill Action Team, to support Nourish Colorado’s federal policy work and integrate more community voices into Nourish Colorado’s 2017 Farm Bill platform by inviting statewide partners to discuss and guide the organization’s Farm Bill priorities. FBAT is once again focusing on Nourish’s platform for the upcoming 2023 Farm Bill, while still engaging with all other federal and state policy priorities. 

The FBAT currently meets by Zoom twice a month on Thursdays (2-2:30pm MT) to discuss any new updates or ideas, provide policy trainings, encourage civil action, and host guest speakers. The registration form is here or you can email to get involved. Spanish-English interpretation is provided at every meeting. Click here to find FBAT’s 2022-2023 meeting calendar and schedule of topics! Check out past calls here.

2023 Farm Bill

2023 Farm Bill. The Farm Bill is a key piece of legislation for both agricultural systems in our country but also the food system. It includes many elements from conservation to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). The Farm Bill also supports and funds many of Nourish’s own projects such as Double Up Food Bucks. It also supports and funds our partners projects such as land access programs for Beginning and Young Farmers.  The Farm Bill also comes with deep gaps in funding for specialty crops (most fruits and vegetables) and structural racism and inequities. There is so much room for improvement, and we want Colorado’s communities to have a voice in influencing this key piece of legislation and reimagining our food system.  


There are so many federal policy initiatives happening right now. As we update our Federal Bill Tracker with our current initiatives, please refer to resources offered by our food system partners to stay up to date: NSAC, FRACAlliance to End HungerCenter for Budget and Policy PrioritiesUnion of Concerned Scientists, National Farm to School Network. 

Check out our newsletter for our monthly federal policy updates.

Nourish Advisory Board (NAB)

We are so happy to announce the launch of the Nourish Advisory Board! The Nourish Advisory Board (NAB) provides strategic, challenging, and innovative direction to inform and drive the future of Nourish Colorado’s initiatives and policy work. The NAB works closely with all Nourish staff as well as Nourish’s Board of Directors with two NAB members sitting on the Board of Directors. For an overview of the NAB, go here. We hope you might be interested in joining and spreading the word about the NAB. Please complete or share this brief application. Applications will be accepted on an on-going basis and will be reviewed by Nourish staff and external partners. The first meeting took place January 2022 and meets bimonthly every third Friday. Please contact with any questions about the NAB.

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