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Building resilient food systems

We are changemakers who strengthen connections with and between farms, ranches, and
communities so that all Coloradans have equitable access to fresh, nutritious foods.

Food is a Fundamental Human Right

Our complex, yet efficient, food system produces an abundant amount of food. But it lacks resiliency and does not equitably deliver nutritious food to all people.

The development of our food system, and the policies that drove it, built tremendous inequities into the food system supply chain at every link, particularly for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, as well as others, often women, who experience deep economic disadvantages in our society.

Nourish Colorado works to reshape the food system by shifting the food supply chain into a true food value chain. 

We pursue systemic change by engaging in state and federal policy advocacy, managing innovative programs, and developing community partnerships and grassroots networks to employ multiple-win strategies that rebalance the food system and create healthy food environments. 

Strengthening nourishing food environments takes all of us. Please join us and support our efforts to ensure equitable access to nourishing food for all Coloradans.

Healthy Food System Policy

Transforming the Food System

Healthy Food in Institutions

Strengthening Nutritious Food Environments

Healthy Food Incentives

Increasing Financial Resources for Nutritious Food

There is imbalance in the food system.

We live in a country where:


We produce over 3,500 kcal of food/person/day, while the average adult only needs between 1,800 and 3,000 calories per day.

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11% of the population, or 37 million Americans, experiences food insecurity.

0 %

Large-scale farms account for roughly 3% of farms but 46% of the value of production.

Sources: United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, 2018, Source: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Household Food Security in the United States September 2019, and USDA ERS and NASS Ag Resource Management Survey 2019.

We live in a state where:

1 in 0

1 in 11 Coloradans struggle with hunger, and the rate of food insecurity is substantially higher for single parent, Black, and Latino households.

0 %

Over 17% of adults eat less than one vegetable per day on average, and 33% eat less than one serving fruit per day.

0 %

Over 55% of high schoolers eat less than one vegetable per day on average, and 57% eat less than one serving of fruit per day.

Sources: United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, 2018, Source: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Household Food Security in the United States September 2019, and USDA ERS and NASS Ag Resource Management Survey 2019.

"Nourish Colorado has been an active member of the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition since 2016. The team at Nourish has demonstrated a consistent ability to activate a large network of Coloradans around federal food and farm policy issues. They bring content, experience, and knowledge from their on-the-ground initiatives to inform our coalition's efforts to build a more equitable and resilient food system. They provide the kind of bridge we love to see from our members -- connecting community priorities to federal change."
Senior Policy Specialist, National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition (NSAC)
"The team at Nourish Colorado has a unique ability to partner with people and groups from around the state to implement their initiatives and inform their policy advocacy work. Their work has proven to increase access to nourishing foods while helping build a resilient food system in Colorado. They seek out collaboration with the community and consistently reflect on their work in order to learn, adapt, and make sure they are effectively moving their mission forward."
Erin Ulric
Implementation Director, Colorado Blueprint to End Hunger
"Their ability to bring together diverse groups of stakeholders with opposing viewpoints and assist all parties in finding common ground and a clear path forward toward creating regional and statewide food systems that serve ALL Coloradans sets them apart. Their deep knowledge and understanding of all components in the value chain lead to efficient, effective, and equitable results. Without the partnership and support of Nourish I would not have the faith in the process that I do today. I am grateful for Nourish and the compassion and expertise that their staff bring to the work. "
Meighen Lovelace
Farmer and Principal, Mountain Harvest Consulting

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