4 Family-Friendly Spring Activities in Colorado

4 Family-Friendly Spring Activities in Colorado

Ah, spring! The days are growing longer. The temperatures are getting warmer. The world is waking up, and we need to wake up along with it. The time has come to say so long to treadmills and stationary bikes. Goodbye to solo workouts indoors. 

Spring means it’s time to get outside and get active as a family again. Here are a few ideas to get your crew moving!

1. Hit the Road

Every winter my family falls into an activity rut. We trudge from indoor venue to indoor venue in a repetitive loop (gym, karate, dance, repeat). When spring finally arrives, nothing shakes up our routine and encourages us to be active outdoors like a weekend day trip. 

Hike around Horsetooth Reservoir in Fort Collins. Head to Golden and bike along the Clear Creek Trails. Check out Red Rocks Amphitheatre or stroll around Denver’s Botanical Gardens. Explore the Garden of the Gods, or discover a new and lovely place you haven’t been before. Requiring little more than a bit of planning and an arsenal of snacks, an active day trip inspires the whole family.

2. Get Muddy

The bright Colorado sun is melting away the snow, leaving walking and hiking trails good and muddy, but don’t let that dirt deter you. Say yes to the mess! Pile the kids, plenty of clothing layers, and armfuls of towels into the car and head to a nearby trail. Kids will revel in the chance to get good and dirty, and you will delight in watching them burn off some of that pent up energy. It’s the perfect way to say goodbye to the winter blahs.

3. Get Together With Friends

We tend to hibernate during the winter months. Short days and full schedules make it difficult for us to connect with friends as often as we’d like. Spring’s arrival means it’s time to crawl out from our wintery isolation and play!

Take advantage of the extra hour of sunshine and meet another family for an impromptu soccer game after dinner. Grab some of your favorite friends for a picnic at a nearby playground and get everybody romping. Take a family bike ride around the neighborhood, and invite others to join you in the spring sunshine. Being active is so much more fun when you get friends involved.

4. Ditch the Car

When the temps start to climb, challenge yourself to use your car a bit less. Strap on the bike helmets, lace up the roller blades, break out the scooters, or put on those walking shoes. Instead of driving, bike together to the grocery store for that quick trip. Pick a day to walk home from school together. Rollerblade your way to soccer practice. Leaving the car parked in the driveway is a great way to take advantage of spring’s loveliness and to incorporate more active family time into your days.

Now that spring has arrived, it’s time to say goodbye to those stale winter routines and start growing some new springtime traditions. Shake off those cold weather blues and get moving outside with your family!

How about you? What does your family do to take advantage of springtime in Colorado? 

Mom of two from Ft. Collins, Kelly Larson has regained her health by living mindfully after contracting sepsis in 2008. Visit her blog The Long Stretch and follow her on Twitter.


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