5 Ways to Plan Your Day Around Play

5 Ways to Plan Your Day Around Play

All great moms have a plan. We strategize our calendar and our grocery budget. Why not let this fanatical planning spill into the way we schedule physical activity?

I frequently commute across Colorado to visit family along the Front Range. I can't stand sitting for long periods of time. Neither do my kids. We quickly realized that we could break up our long drives by finding parks and splash pads. This led us to other creative ways to plan our day around play. Check out these easy ways to pack more play into your summer:

1. Map it Out.

Head to Google Maps and explore the area around your route to school, day care, or grandma's house. Find active places you can go as a family before or after your usual stops. Sometimes your commute might pass right by a sweet recreation center or playground that you would miss otherwise.

2. Be Prepared.

Pack the back of your car with a few active toys. I've kept tennis rackets, sand toys, skateboards, Frisbee discs and even a croquet set in my trunk. I switch them out depending on the season or what I scrounge at a yard sale. This way we can always stop at a park and goof off when we're on a road trip or in between errands.

3. Multi-task.

Tired of scrolling your Facebook feed during Johnny's soccer practice? Try walking or jogging instead. I bet you can find a few other parents who would love to join you—but just need an invite. Make the most of your wait time with something that makes you sweat, too.

4. Add Wheels.

Take bikes or scooters when you make your weekly trip to the library or farmer's market. This is one of the easiest ways to get in some physical activity. Play "I Spy" on the way.

5. Love Your Feet.

Four inch pumps might complete your professional wardrobe, but they don't make it easy to take the stairs. If you want to naturally fit in more exercise during your day wear comfortable, supportive shoes. These shoes are also your ally if you want to take a walk during lunch. But for me the biggest advantage is the ability to join in a game of tag. That's the best interval speed training I can get.

Happy planning, LiveWell Moms!

As a Certified Heath Education Specialist, mom of three Alli inspires others to make small healthy changes every day. She lives in Fort Morgan, Colo., and blogs at Don’t Panic Mom.

Photo by Alli.


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