Introducing LiveWell’s No More 24 Campaign

“No More 24”

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LiveWell Colorado has a long history of engaging and motivating Coloradans to make healthy choices. Now we are embarking on an even more critical and challenging effort: to inspire and advance policy and environmental changes. In short, we are focused on breaking down the barriers that keep Coloradans from being able to lead healthy lives.

We are now launching a major public awareness campaign called No More 24 that will educate Coloradans about our state’s health paradox. Colorado’s great quality of life attracts healthy, educated adults yet we struggle to provide that same healthy environment for the children born and raised here.

Our collective goal is to ensure that every child in Colorado has the opportunity to grow up healthy. Right now, Colorado ranks a mediocre 24th in the nation for our children’s level of physical activity[1] with nearly 55 percent of kids not getting the recommended amount of physical activity each week. In many cases, Colorado children lack parks and playgrounds in their neighborhoods and physical education in school, so they can’t get the physical activity they need to be healthy.[2] We believe all Colorado children deserve the opportunity to develop healthy behaviors as they grow.

No More 24-YARD SIGN-300x300The reality is healthy youth are fundamental to Colorado’s future. Physical activity and nutrition are good not just for kids’ bodies, but also for their brains. Research has found that when kids get enough exercise, their learning skills, attitude and behavior at school improve. [3] The same is true when they have access to healthy food choices. By helping kids be more physically active and eat well, we help them succeed academically, better preparing them for lifelong success. We can improve the health of Colorado’s youth by working with schools, school districts and the state to increase the amount of physical activity that kids get there.[i]

That’s why LiveWell Colorado works across the state to serve the communities, schools, cities and towns with the greatest needs when it comes to health access and equity. The goal of this summer’s public awareness campaign is to educate Coloradans about the issue and increase understanding about the positive health and educational benefits of physical activity for school-age children in Colorado.

No more 24-kid-300x300Our public education campaign will run from August 1 through September 11 and will include statewide digital advertising; outreach to Coloradans at community events like the Adams County Fair; working closely with parenting, social justice and Latino bloggers; and sharing information with advocates via email, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We’ve also launched a dynamic and interactive section of LiveWell’s website where you can learn more about the campaign and the issues it addresses.

You can put an end to childhood obesity by helping LiveWell Colorado remove barriers to healthy eating and physical activity for all Coloradans. Please join us in helping make sure all Coloradans have access to a healthy lifestyle through:

  • Nutritious food at school
  • Healthy and affordable food in all Colorado communities
  • Daily physical activity at school
  • Access to affordable recreational spaces Safe walking and biking opportunities

No more 24-are you in-300x100We hope you will join us in this effort by signing up here to help.

Are you in?


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[2] Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “Colorado Action Guide for the State Indicator Report on Physical Activity, 2014”

[3] “Educating the Student Body: Taking Physical Activity and Physical Education to School.” Institute of Medicine, 2013.

[i] Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. Healthy Kids Colorado Survey. 2015.


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