LiveWell Colorado Launches Internship Program Prioritizing First-Generation Students


LiveWell Colorado Launches Internship Program Prioritizing First-Generation Students

Overview of the Internship Program

  1. We will achieve our goals by providing interns an opportunity to build their skills and competencies and through an initiative, program, and/or project. This year we will be looking for interns interested in policy, food systems, communications, and/or active living. Ideally and our priority is to recruit students who are doing a capstone/final project needed for graduation. This will allow students to work on projects that support their growth, advance LiveWell Colorado’s mission, and fulfill requirements for the completion of their degree program.

Eligibility for LiveWell Colorado’s Internship Program 

There are two main eligibility criteria for LiveWell Colorado’s Internship Program.

  1. The first eligibility requirement is any student applying for the program must be a first generation undergraduate student. Meaning, the applicant is the first in their family to attend and/or complete a two-year or four-year college degree. This applies both to undergraduate and graduate student applicants.
  2. The second eligibility criteria is applicants must be current undergraduate and graduate students or must have graduated within six months of the application date in which they are applying for the internship.

Application Process

For the LiveWell Colorado Internship Program, there are four key documents required to submit an application. Note: All of the answers to questions 1-4 can be included in a single document.

  1. A cover letter summarizing the applicant’s interest in the program
  2. A statement on whether you are applying to be a LiveWell Colorado Policy Intern, a LiveWell Colorado Food Systems Intern, LiveWell Colorado Communications Intern or a LiveWell Colorado Active Living Intern
  3. Responses to key questions about interest and alignment with the program:
    1. Why does the LiveWell Colorado Internship program interest you and how does it advance your career goals? (250 words or less)
    2. What unique contributions, skills, and perspectives would you bring to the LiveWell Colorado team? (250 words or less)
    3. Why is the issue of equity important to you and your future career goals? (250 words or less)
  4. Please include a statement verifying the applicant is a current student or recent graduate, a first-generation student, and can meet the obligations of the internship program. Examples:
    1. I verify that I am a first-generation student based on the criteria
    2. I verify that I am a current graduate student at (college and/or university)
    3. An up-to-date resume or CV

The dates for the LiveWell Colorado Internship program will be from the second week of September 2018 to the second week of December 2018. The deadline to apply for the internship is July 18, 2018. Please complete and send all necessary application materials to

Internship Compensation

At this time, this internship is an unpaid opportunity. We strongly encourage students who are doing a capstone/final project/thesis needed for graduation apply for this internship opportunity.

Questions and/or Comments

If you have any questions about the internship, please contact Chris Armijo at



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