Nourish CO for Prop FF – Vote YES!

We are only 10 days away from midterm elections and Colorado ballots have already been mailed out! It is so important to us at Nourish Colorado for every voter to get their ballot in with a YES vote on Colorado Proposition FF to support Healthy School Meals for All (HSMA)Why vote YES on FF? Watch our HSMA spotlight and read on below!
School meals are an integral part of the school day and core to kids’ learning experiences. Nutritious, tasty food is what fuels brains and bodies, at all ages. Providing permanent, universal free access to school meals through HSMA is a huge and critical step towards putting school meal time on equal footing with other core aspects of child development, such as PE, music, math, and more. No one would consider denying access to math, so we believe we should not restrict access to nutritious food by requiring families to pay for school meals or make compromises.

The more students who eat a school meal, the more opportunities these school meal programs have to focus on improving meal quality, creating culturally relevant meals, and buying more local products. Building a model where every child has access to a meal at no-cost increases participation, brings increased revenue into these programs so they can begin moving towards offering higher-quality options, creates educational opportunities through school meal programs, and supports our local and regional food systems.

Nutritious food is a human right and a core part of education. To learn, your brain needs nutritious food. To create a truly robust school meal program that offers high-quality meals and incorporates local products, we need increased school meal participation. The more we can reinforce the importance of this, the further we can go in making universal meals a reality. Please support Prop FF and vote YES to ensure free and healthy meals for all kids in Colorado public schools!
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